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Discover the Secrets of an Effective Tarot Reading

Make a tarot reading it can be an eye-opening and transformative experience, providing deep insights into personal and spiritual issues. Whether you're starting out or already have some experience, understanding the basic steps to effective reading can make all the difference.

A tarot reading It goes beyond turning cards, it's a combination of intuition, knowledge and spiritual connection. First, prepare the environment and focus on your intention. Shuffle and cut the cards carefully, connecting your energy with the deck. Finally, lay out the cards and interpret their meanings to gain insights.

For many, the tarot reading becomes a regular practice of self-knowledge and guidance. With the right tools and techniques, you can make the most of the cards and discover patterns, messages, and insights that can guide your daily decisions and reflections.

How to Get a Tarot Reading: Step-by-Step Guide

Make a tarot reading it can be an enriching and intuitive practice. Here's a basic guide to get you started:

Step 1: Prepare the Environment

Choose a quiet location where you will not be interrupted. Clear the space physically and energetically, perhaps using incense or a candle. Create a mystical atmosphere with items such as a crystal ball 🔮, stones, or other objects that help concentrate energy.

Step 2: Focus and Connect

Take a few deep breaths to calm down. Set a clear intention for reading, whether it's a specific question or general guidance. Focus on this intention as you shuffle the cards.

Step 3: Shuffle the Cards

Shuffle the cards however you feel comfortable. It can be like shuffling a regular deck of cards or using specific tarot methods. As you shuffle, stay focused on your question or intention.

Step 4: Cut the Deck

Cut the deck into three piles and then put them back together. Some people prefer to let the querent (if there is one) cut the deck. This helps personalize the reading and connect the querent's energy to the deck.

Step 5: Deal the Cards

For beginners, the three-card draw is effective:

  • Card 1: Past
  • Card 2: Present
  • Card 3: Future

Other popular editions include the Uma Carta Edition and the Cruz Celta Edition. Choose the edition that best suits your question or intention.

Step 6: Interpret the Cards

Consult a meaning guide or use your personal knowledge to interpret each card. Trust your intuition to understand how the card meanings apply to your question or situation.

Step 7: Relate the Cards to Each Other

See how the cards interact with each other to tell a complete story. Notice patterns, themes, or repetitive letters that appear frequently. This can offer deeper insights and help you understand the overall message of the reading.

Step 8: Finish Reading

Summarize the reading and the key messages that emerged. Thank the cards and your space for helping you read. This helps you end the session respectfully and mindfully.

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Examples of Cards and Meanings

  • The crazy: New beginnings, adventure, naivety.
  • the empress: Fertility, creativity, abundance.
  • to tower: Sudden change, rupture, revelations.

Additional Tips

  • Regular Practice: The more you practice, the more intuitive it becomes.
  • Tarot Journal: Keep a journal of your readings to track your progress and insights.
  • Learn Continuously: Read books about tarot, take courses, and join online communities to expand your knowledge.

With these steps, you'll be on your way to receiving enlightening and meaningful tarot readings. Good luck!


Choosing the Appropriate Card Draw

Choosing the appropriate card draw is a crucial part of carrying out a tarot reading effective. Depending on the complexity of the question or situation, different runs can offer varying perspectives and depth of insights. Here are some of the most popular print runs and how to use them:

Drawing of a Letter

Drawing a letter is simple and straightforward. It's ideal for getting a quick answer or guidance on a specific question. Just shuffle, cut and draw a card, focusing on your question. This letter will provide direct and clear insight.

Drawing of Three Cards

The three-card draw is excellent for an overview of a situation. Each card represents:

  • Past: Past influences that affect the current situation.
  • Present: The current situation or current state of the issue.
  • Future: The possible outcome or direction the situation may take.

This strip is simple but offers deep understanding by connecting past, present and future events.

Celtic Cross printing

The Cruz Celta edition is one of the most detailed and comprehensive, suitable for complex and in-depth questions. It uses ten cards and provides an extensive analysis of the situation. Positions include:

  1. Current situation
  2. Challenges or Immediate Influences
  3. Root or Basis of the Question
  4. Recent past
  5. Possible Results
  6. Near future
  7. Your attitude
  8. External Influences
  9. Hopes and Fears
  10. Final score

This edition is ideal for those looking for a complete and detailed analysis.

Seven Day Printing

The seven-day spread is useful for predicting the upcoming week. Each card represents a day of the week, offering insight into what to expect and how to prepare for the days ahead.

Drawing of Love

The love drawing is specific to issues related to relationships and emotions. It can vary in number of cards, but generally includes positions such as:

  • You
  • Your Partner
  • Current Relationship
  • Challenges
  • Result

Astrological Drawing

The astrological drawing uses twelve cards, each representing an astrological house. This edition offers a complete view of the querent's life, covering areas such as finance, communication, home, love, health, work, among others.

Choosing the Right Print Run

To choose the right edition, consider the complexity of the question and the desired depth of answer. Start with simple prints if you are a beginner, and as you gain confidence, try more complex prints. Remember that your choice of print run can significantly influence the insights you gain, so choose the one that best suits your situation.

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