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Online Tantric Massage Course: Learn the Techniques for Free

O online tantric massage course offered free of charge by Portal Idea is an excellent opportunity for young adults who wish to explore new dimensions of well-being and intimacy.

This completely theoretical course is accessible to anyone interested in learning the fundamental techniques and concepts of tantric massage, an ancient practice that promotes a deep connection between mind and body.

Throughout the article, we will detail the main aspects and advantages of the course, encouraging you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to enrich your personal and professional life.

Benefits of tantric massage

O online tantric massage course It has a series of physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Focusing on expanding consciousness and balancing the body's energies, tantric massage is a holistic practice that transcends simple physical contact, offering a transformative experience.

Physical Benefits

  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction: By promoting a deep state of relaxation, tantric massage helps reduce stress and anxiety levels, contributing to improved general health;
  • Improved Circulation and Flexibility: The practice also stimulates blood circulation and can improve flexibility, relieving body pain and tension.

Emotional Benefits

  • Self-knowledge and Self-esteem: Tantric massage encourages a journey of self-discovery, increasing self-esteem and the ability to deeply connect with one's own emotions;
  • Reduction of Insecurities: By exploring new areas of pleasure in the body, it helps to reduce insecurities related to one's own body and interpersonal relationships.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Expansion of Consciousness: The practice can expand awareness and perception of oneself and the universe, providing experiences of unity and spiritual connection;
  • Personal Transformation: Used as a tool for healing the inner self, tantric massage facilitates the release of emotional blockages, promoting inner peace and joy.

These benefits reflect how the online tantric massage course not only teaches massage techniques, but also promotes profound personal and spiritual development.

What to expect from the course

No online tantric massage course offered by the IDEA Portal, participants can expect a comprehensive and detailed approach to this ancient practice.


The course is structured to provide an in-depth understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of tantric massage, focusing on how it can be used to improve both physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Rich Study Material: Detailed workbooks are available to facilitate learning, allowing students to study at their own pace and review content as needed;
  • Learning Flexibility: With a variable workload of 10 to 280 hours, the online tantric massage course is designed to adapt to students' different time and study depth needs;
  • Professional Certification: After completing the course, there is the option of obtaining a certificate that validates the skills acquired, essential for those who want to use the skills in a professional context;
  • Free Access with Paid Certificate Option: The course itself is free, with study materials available at no additional cost. Certification is optional and can be obtained for a fee, which confirms students' completion and understanding of the course.

This course is an excellent opportunity for those looking to not only learn a new skill, but also embark on a journey of self-knowledge and personal development through tantric practices.

Who the course is suitable for

O online tantric massage course offered by the IDEA Portal is designed to serve a wide range of interested parties, both professionals and enthusiasts, who seek to explore the practices and theories of tantric massage in a deep and educational way.

This course is especially suitable for:

  • Massage Professionals: Therapists and masseuses who wish to expand their services and techniques, incorporating tantric massage into their practices;
  • Health and Wellbeing Professionals: Includes psychologists, physiotherapists and yoga professionals who want to understand more about how tantric techniques can complement their therapeutic approaches;
  • Sexual Educators and Therapists: Professionals who work with sexuality and want to deepen their knowledge in practices that involve sexual energy in a therapeutic way;
  • People Interested in Personal Development: Individuals who seek self-knowledge and ways to improve the quality of their intimate life and personal relationships;
  • Candidates for Spiritual or Holistic Careers: Those who are exploring or are already involved in careers that integrate spirituality and holistic practices, finding tantric massage a valuable work tool.

O online tantric massage course is accessible to all who wish to explore the potential of tantric massage for healing and well-being, offering a unique opportunity for theoretical and practical learning in this specialist area.

How to sign up for the online tantric massage course

Subscribe to online tantric massage course offered by the IDEA Portal is a simple and direct process, facilitating access for everyone interested in exploring this ancient practice of well-being and connection. Here are the steps for registration:

  • Visit the Official Website: First, access the official website of the IDEA Portal. You can find the course by browsing the course categories or using the site's search bar;
  • Select the Course: On the courses page, locate the online tantric massage course and click on the specific link for more details;
  • Read the Course Information: Before enrolling, it is important to read all available information about the course, including duration, program content, workload, and any necessary requirements;
  • Create an Account or Login: To proceed with registration, you will need to create an account on the IDEA Portal if you do not already have one. The account creation process is quick, requesting basic information such as name, email and password;
  • Enroll in the Course: With your account created and already logged in, you can enroll in the online tantric massage course. Generally, this is done through a registration or enrollment button that is visible on the course page;
  • Access to Materials: After enrolling, you will have immediate access to course materials, such as videos, handouts and other teaching resources available on the platform;
  • Certification Option: If you would like to obtain a certificate after completing the course, please review the details on how to apply and the costs associated with certification. Remember that the course is free, but issuing the certificate may incur an additional cost.

By following these steps, you can begin your journey into online tantric massage course, expanding your skills and knowledge in this enriching and transformative area.

How certification works

The certification of online tantric massage course offered by the IDEA Portal is a crucial component for those who wish to validate and formalize the knowledge acquired during the study.

With a clear and direct process, certification is intended to provide official recognition of the skills and techniques learned.

  • Course Completion: To qualify for certification, students must complete all sections of the online tantric massage course, which include reading teaching materials and watching instructional videos;
  • Final Assessment: After completing the course, students have the option of taking a final assessment. This assessment serves to ensure that the student has assimilated all the concepts and practices taught;
  • Certificate Issuance: If approved in the assessment, the student can request the issuance of the certificate. There is a fee associated with issuing the certificate, which is R$69,90, regardless of the course load. course;
  • National Validity: The certificate issued by the IDEA Portal is nationally recognized and follows the standards established by the MEC, guaranteeing its acceptance in various professional and educational contexts;
  • Uses of the Certificate: The certificate can be used for various purposes, such as continuing education, university extension, teaching qualifications, career advancement, among others.

This certification system is designed to be robust proof of the student's competence in the field of tantric massage, providing a significant difference in the job market and professional practice.

Conclusion on the free online tantric massage course

When exploring the online tantric massage course offered by the IDEA Portal, it is clear that this learning opportunity is much more than a simple massage course. It is a journey of self-knowledge, personal and professional development, which integrates mind, body and spirit in a holistic way.

Key Points to Remember

  • Accessibility and Flexibility: With a free online format and the possibility of obtaining a certificate for a fee, the course is accessible and allows students to study at their own availability and pace;
  • Rich and Diverse Content: The course covers everything from basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, including practices related to chakras and Lingam massage, providing a solid foundation both for those interested in applying knowledge in professional practices and for those seeking personal growth;
  • Professional Certification: The course certification, recognized nationally, not only validates learning but can also open doors in the job market and in therapeutic practices, standing out as a significant differentiator in the student's curriculum;
  • Diverse Target Audience: Ideal for professionals from different areas related to health and well-being, sex educators, therapists and individuals interested in improving their personal relationships and quality of life.

At the end of the course, participants will be equipped with knowledge and techniques that can profoundly transform their lives and the lives of others, promoting not only physical well-being, but also emotional and spiritual well-being.

This is an opportunity to embrace an ancient practice that continues to offer invaluable benefits in our contemporary world. Tantric massage is more than a technique, it is an art of connection and personal transformation.

FAQ about tantric massage and massage therapy

How to become a tantric masseur?

To become a tantric massage therapist, it is necessary to complete a specific course in tantric massage, which covers theory and practice, and often obtain a certification.

How much does a tantric masseuse earn in Brazil?

A tantric masseuse's earnings can vary greatly, but generally the amount per session can range from R$150 to R$300, depending on location and experience.

How much does the Tantra course cost?

The cost of a Tantra course can vary, but online courses like the one offered by the IDEA Portal are free, with the option of paying a fee for the certificate.

How much does a masseuse charge per hour?

A masseur can charge between R$50 and R$300 per hour, depending on the type of massage and the region.

What does it take to work as a massage therapist?

To work as a massage therapist, it is essential to have specific training in the field of massage therapy and, depending on the region, a professional license or registration.

What does the word tantric mean?

The word “tantric” refers to Tantra, a practice that involves rituals and meditations, seeking to expand consciousness and vital energy.

What is the religion of Tantra?

Tantra is not a religion, but a spiritual practice that emerged in the context of Hinduism and Buddhism.

What does Tantra work?

Tantra works on expanding consciousness, energetic balance and integration between body, mind and spirit.

How much does a beginner masseuse earn?

A beginner masseuse in Brazil can earn between R$1.500 and R$3.000 per month, depending on the number of clients and the type of service offered.

How long does it take to take a massage therapy course?

A massage therapy course can range from a few months to 2 years, depending on the level of detail and specialization.

How much does an in-home masseuse cost?

The cost of a massage session at home is generally higher due to travel, ranging from R$100 to R$500.

What is the difference between a massage therapist and a masseur?

The massage therapist is generally more qualified, with training in various massage therapy techniques, while the massage therapist may have more basic training.

Do you need college to be a masseuse?

It is not necessary to have a college degree to be a massage therapist, but technical and training courses in massage therapy are essential.

How much does a freelance massage therapist earn?

A self-employed masseur can earn from R$2.000 to R$6.000 per month, depending on demand and the price of the sessions.

How is tantric therapy done?

Tantric therapy involves techniques that include breathing, meditation and specific massages to awaken and distribute sexual energy throughout the body.

What is Red Tantra?

Red Tantra is a branch of Tantra focused more intensely on sexuality and the physical aspects of the practice.

What is a Tantra course like?

A Tantra course usually includes theory on subtle energies, meditation practices, tantric rituals and, in some cases, teachings on tantric massage.

What is the color of Tantra?

There is no specific “color” for Tantra, as it encompasses diverse practices and philosophies. However, colors like red and orange are often associated because of their connection to energy and sexuality.

Who is the Kardashian family's masseuse?

There is no specific public information about a particular masseuse for the Kardashian family.

Do you have a degree in Massage Therapy?

Yes, there are higher technology courses in Massage Therapy in some educational institutions.

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